Our aim is to develop and produce students with spiritual, social, educational and vocational competency, integrity, character, self confidence, dignity of labour and patriotism. Enabling them to be effective citizens of our society burning in them a desire to lead our society towards constructive development & exemplary behavior.


The School shall ensure that the children coming to school:

  • Become regular and punctual.
  • Develop healthy mind in a healthy body.
  • Participate according to their ability and interest in as many curricular and co-curricular activities as could be provided by the school from time to time. In addition the School shall endeavor to develop the spirit of community living, a sense of belongingness, participation and security for effective group living, through different activities.
  • The quality of education is to be augmented at various levels through proper understanding not only in listening, reading speaking, but in writing too through an active participation.
  • Develop a wholesome personality which will enable them to enable them to meet the challenges of life, not only in the world around them, but also the world outside.
  • Develop aesthetic values of life through participation in songs, Instrumental Music and Dances, Arts, Crafts, Painting and clay modeling, Puppet making, Colour matching, SUPW, Gardening, Tailoring, Embroidery and the like.
  • Establish healthy rapport with the parents through home visits and parents. Teachers and Management class-wise meeting in a systematic manner helps assessing the academic and other performances of the children from time to time through modern techniques and devices, and thus take concrete steps for all out improvement.