House System

To inculcate the spirit of democratic culture, students of the school are allotted one of the houses at the time of his/her entry in the school. A girl and a boy House Captain will head each house. House captain will be selected or nominated by a panel comprising of Principal and their respective House Master/Mistress. They will be taking part in various co-curricular activities under the guidance and supervision of their respective House Tutors and House Masters. The students will be awarded points in accordance with their performances in various inter-House Competitions. The house obtaining the highest points at end of the year , will be awarded the Running House Trophy. Such an exercise helps infuse in students the elements of competitive spirit as well as values of co-operative work. There are four houses in the school.

Sr. No House Name Color Code
1 Akbar Green
2 Ashoka Blue
3 Ranjit Red
4 Shivaji Yellow