Shivalik Public School which is situated in the heart of city is well ventilated, having a healthy environment for the students. Both the building have spacious and big rooms comprising with good furniture and teaching aids. Teaching is done with advance teaching techniques.


The school is centrally Air cooled.

The school prepares the students for inter school competitions & they come with flying colors & win many prizes.

Medical Check-UP :- All the students have their free health check-up by a team of qualified doctors and they are issued a health check-up card which can be followed up by their parents.

Various playing equipments and teaching aids like swings, slides, toys, educational display charts, magnetic board, merry go round, Play pool, Mickey Mouse, Busy bitel car, Tunnel for Play Group / Nursery classes.

Well equipped library and reading room for the students of all the classes.

An Audio-Visual instruction room equipped with audio-visual aids, like compact disc and tapes projectors etc.

There are three well equipped computer labs having many Multimedia computers with colored monitors. The labs are having connectivity to high speed Internet through Broad Band. The computer labs are also equipped with a wide range of application software’s.

The school has three large water coolers with aqua guards to provide cool and purified water.
Close circuit cameras are installed for proper control over the students and to have co-ordination with the teachers.

Periodic visits picnic to emphasis on practical knowledge.

Various competitive activities are regularly conducted for the overall development of the child.