From the Desk of Ever Respected Principal

Mrs Arshdeep Kaur

It is a matter of great honour and privilege to be associated with Shivalik Public School, Jaitu as the Principal of the ‘one of the topmost schools in the town. I am of the firm opinion that the success of a school is closely proportional to the contentment of its stakeholders. I would prefer Shivalik Public School, Jaitu to be acknowledged as a family of happy students and staff rather than being identified only with the success story of a few individuals respectively.

The School has established unprecedented lines of excellence in the field of education since its inception. Year after year, we aim at producing outstanding results in the Board and the competitive exams. The school focuses on developing the skills like complex problem solving, critical thinking and creative thinking in its curriculum, enabling students to cater to the ever-increasing demands of respective industries in coming years. Our aim is to transform the students into the responsible citizens who would further build a world which is more harmonious, peace loving and prosperous.

I have come to Jaitu with a vision. Our country today needs men and women of high integrity and commitment as our leaders in various fields. We, at SPS, strive to produce such leaders who would take the nation forward in the 21st century. While we take pride in our glorious past, we are not oblivious to the challenges on the real surface of life. . We are happy to see how our students perform exceedingly well in various activities like group discussions, presentations, project work, sports, music etc. While we are committed to develop in line with the changing times, we at the same time protect and nurture some traditions that make Shivalik Public School, Jaitu the ‘Best School of All’.

We firmly believe that with the active participation and sincere involvement of the students, parents and faculty, the school will be able to touch greater heights of success in the years to come.

All the best!