Table Tennis

To develop interest in indoor games among children, the school has provided a Table Tennis room where regular competitions are held.


To chisel our young chess masters, chess competitions and training sessions are held on regular basis. The students from various classes participate in Inter and Intra school level chess competitions.

Basket Ball

Basket Ball court has an aesthetically designed playing surface and other requirements.Various Inter and Intra school basketball tournaments are held here.


A racquet sport played by hitting a shuttlecock across a net, either in a ‘singles’ match between two players, or as a ‘doubles’ match between two pairs. The game has become very popular in our School. Our school Badminton team has brought many laurels in state levels.


Along with a splendid athletics ground to hold Track & field events, the school provides a football ground to prepare young athletics. Our students regularly play state level tournaments.


Cricket is popular game in our school. Many students play it while others enjoy seeing it. The school has a grass field with a pitch. There is a provision of regular net practice too. Our school cricket team has brought many laurels in state levels.