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Our objective is to prepare students to become complete human beings and good citizens through not just their normal studies, but also the practice of meditation, yogasanas, general education and physical training and additionally, by carrying out humanitarian, educational and philanthropic services and programmes.

In achieving these objectives, we should be aware of one key consideration: Whose property are children? Do they belong to their parents or to teachers, or are they the property of both? If they are the property of both, is there a joint responsibility between parents and teachers for their development or does one party transfer their responsibility to other?
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In reality, children are nobody’s property. Instead they are lost within the tempting material world. Through genetic heritage, the physique belongs to (comes from) the parents but when the question of knowledge and wisdom arises, especially relating to knowledge of the astral and casual bodies, the responsibility of the teacher is much greater then that of the parents.
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Education is a life long process. It is not just a process of acquiring knowledge for future job, but to creates a moral and ethical values. Children will learn something every moment. All children are born alive, it is the ENVIRONMENT that makes the difference children must having team work, participation and learning to meet the challenges in life.

The school is inspired by "Swami Viveka Nand" ideology "Strength is life, Weakness is death". The School Almanac is therefore an integral and effective link between the school and Parents. It provides a clear view of the school Plans and Policies, rules and regulations establishing in an interaction between the parents teachers. Since it serves as a reliable record of information, parents are requested to fill all the entries specified. Relevant entries are also made by the teachers from time to time, for the parents to refer to and sign, in order to keep in touch with their ward's progress.

Please do attend the Parents-Teacher Meeting.

Do Spend some quality time with your child every day. Know your child, not just homework he/she needs to complete but also the problems they face in the School/Society. "Be his/her friend, and give support to your child". "In SPS, We endeavour to maintain high standard of education".
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Anup Kumar Chopra
M.Sc. , M.A. (Edu), B.Ed.