The library provides many children with their first chance to use and enjoy a library. The school library is a welcoming place for study and reading. The school library is to support the students and teachers by providing access to current, adequate and appropriate information resources. It is also to ensure that all the students, teachers and staff are effectively using the ideas and information. The library encourages the love of reading and development of student’s independent learning skills. More than 10 thousand books on different subjects,5 newspapers, 5 magazines and periodicals adorn the shelves of library. All kinds of reference books like dictionaries, encyclopedias and career counseling guides are available for students. The library also provides audio visual CDs on various subjects in order to make the teaching learning process interesting. To inculcate the reading skills, different scholastic activities like reading, meditation, book clubs and book fairs are organized on different occasions like PTMs and Winter Carnivals.

Rules of the Library

  • Please maintain silence.
  • Switch off the mobile phone.
  • Please do not disturb others in Reading room.
  • Issued Books would be returned within 10 days.
  • Books should be kept with sincere custody.
  • Correctly fill up the requisition slip to get books.
  • One book is allowed for lending.
  • It is obligatory to care of your lending books.
  • Mutilated or torn shall not be accepted.
  • For Photocopy of the books, prior permission of librarian is required.
  • This library belongs to you, please take care of it.